13 Scandinavian Kid's Room Design Ideas You'll Want To Steal

1. This hanging bassinet will be a Danish baby's first home.


2. Eclectic pillows add color to white spaces.



3. This tiny space was turned into an epic hideaway for two brothers.


4. Wall stickers can add an unexpected splash of color.


5. A white canvas makes the design options endless.

                                  Mikkel Adsbol / Via myscandinavianhome.com

6. White's not the only way.

Johan Rosenmunthe / Via boligmagasinet.dk

Simple lines and functional furniture work in any color combination.

7. Shelves of eclectic toys add elements of personality.


8. Color coordination can go a long way.

Mikkel Adsbol / Via scandinavianretreat.blogspot.com

9. There's no need for nursery-specific furniture beyond the crib.


This Copenhagen family found great, solid pieces that will likely remain in use long after the kids are grown.

10. Sometimes all it takes is a corner to create a nursery.


This space for a babe is situated in the corner of a larger room.

11. Integrate kids areas seamlessly into your own.


12. One central piece of artwork can give the room a sense of theme.


13. This artfully designed boy's room is a visual adventure.


source:  buzzfeed